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QLab is compatible with any Art-net interface that uses ethernet or WiFi.

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DMX, which is short for D igital M ultiple X , is a venerable, reliable digital communication standard for lighting equipment. One universe contains channels, and each channel is simply an address paired with a value. The status of the entire group of channels is broadcast every 23 milliseconds or so; that's called one frame of data. You can imagine a frame of DMX like this:. In this frame, address 1 is set to 50, address 2 is set to 75, address 3 is set to 8, and address is set to 0.

If the cable that carries this DMX data is plugged into, say, a rack of dimmers that are addressed as 1 through 24, then that frame of DMX will set dimmer 1 to 50, dimmer 2 to 75, dimmer 3 to 8 and so on up to The dimmer will ignore the data for the rest of the DMX universe.

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Levels in DMX range from 0 to , although most equipment represents that range on a percentage scale of 0 to You will sometimes encounter DMX-controlled devices which use RJ connectors, which are the type of connector used for ethernet. It's important to keep in mind that while the connector is physically identical, the language being "spoken" is not ethernet or Art-Net. You cannot plug such a device straight into an ethernet network and expect anything to happen.

Before you can use lights in Light cues, you need to tell your workspace which lights it will be controlling, and what DMX addresses those lights are using.

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You can also define light groups which behave as shorthand for collections of instruments. Your workspace will therefore need one instrument for every lighting fixture, DMX-controlled accessory, and dimmer in your plot. Each instrument has one or more parameters.

Conventional lights, controlled by dimmers, have a single parameter: intensity. QLab also supports instruments with more than one parameter.

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This could include any kind of fixture that uses more than a single DMX address, such as lights which can pan, tilt, zoom, change color, etc. The parameters available for each instrument are specified by a light definition. QLab comes with a variety of light definitions for a range of lighting fixtures and dimmers, which you can find in the Light Library.

You can copy and edit these definitions to suit your needs, and you can create new light definitions for any fixtures you'll be using which are not already in QLab's library. Any light definition you use in a workspace will be saved both in QLab's master library, as well as a library within the workspace, so that the workspace may be safely moved from computer to computer.

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If you do not wish to create your own definitions, please contact support figure In QLab, a light group is a collection of instruments or other light groups. For example, you might create a light group that contains all the front light in your plot, to allow you to quickly set them all to a given level. Instruments within a group can still be controlled individually at any time; the group is just a quick way to control several instruments at once.

Instruments and lighting groups may be given any name you like using letters, numbers, and spaces. By default, instruments are given numeric names, but they are not limited to numbers.

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I did come across one of them on eBay but I was under the impression they were for LED strip control. Thanks I've already chosen the software! I'd like to avoid that though due to reliability concerns so I'm leaning towards an Artnet box Thanks for your time guys. Quote from: Stelios Mac on February 20, , am. You've misunderstood. I'll be using some very well known software which I can't reveal publicly for various reasons - And I can only get it to output DMX on Artnet - but if you'd like to know which one it is feel free to PM me I'm probably gonna go with either the uDMX or SmartShow dongle, thanks a lot for your input everyone Cheers!

Quote from: Stelios Mac on February 20, , pm. Quote from: Jeff Lelko on February 20, , pm. You need to think of this from the other direction. Pick the software that you like first and then see what dongles are available for you to use with it. Some of the free software is very good, others not so much. Some will work with third party dongles, some won't.


This is probably one of the most-compatible dongles on the market. MagicQ's proprietary dongles are a bit cheaper, but I don't believe they work with other programs should you change your mind and want to use something else down the road. Like I said though, you're probably best off choosing the software that feels "right" to you first and fits best with your system and style of programming before buying any hardware. Hope this helps! Have you shopped around a little? From my experience, Freestyler severely lacks in capability when compared to other free platforms like MagicQ and M-PC.

I've found its workflow to be clunky and cumbersome, and the software architecture fails to really emulate a full-sized console like you'd see with either of the other two others.