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Now, if you have stored a password for a website, when you select a login entry to autofill, Safari Previously, it would fill the fields and still require you to click a Login or Submit or other button to proceed.

Apple described this Safari change in In the past, you could select it, then check a box. Now, you have to check the box first. The only way to disable autofill is site by site, and then only by removing the keychain entry. Enter your macOS account password, then type in the name of a site you want to remove in the search field.

Select one or more entries, click the Remove button, and then confirm the removal. You have to remove Safari password entries to stop automatic logins on those sites. User names blurred for security.

The company removed an option for autosubmitting passwords, and explained it in a blog entry. You can also set which camera you wish Opera to use by default, if you have more than one connected to your computer. Use the dropdown menu to set your camera preference.

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Cookies are small data files that store information in connection with a website. For example, a cookie may be created to store the contents of a shopping basket or to confirm that you are logged in as you browse the pages of a site.

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Cookies can be used to construct a profile of your browsing habits and are therefore regarded by some as a privacy issue. Setting preferences gives you control of how Opera handles cookies.

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The default settings is to accept all cookies. Some sites may ask to open special types of links by default. These are called protocol handlers.

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You can control how Opera handles images on the pages you view. You can opt to display all images or not, as well as set site-specific image preferences. JavaScript is a scripting language used to add functions to pages, such as manipulating browser windows. In rare cases, JavaScript may be used intrusively to perform certain actions you may find annoying.

For these cases, you can turn it off completely. If you do, some pages will not work as designed. Some sites may ask to use your location to provide localized features, such as reviews from nearby shops or coupons from businesses located in your area.

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To do this, these sites may ask you to allow geolocation on the page. You can choose whether or not to share your location when browsing.

Opera will not share this information without your permission. Setting location-sharing preferences gives you control over how sites access your location. You can choose to allow or deny access to your location, and Opera will remember your choice for future visits to that site. For example, a live-chat app may want to use your mic so you can speak to another person through their service.

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By default, Opera will always ask you to allow a site to access your microphone. You can also set which microphone you wish Opera to use by default, if you have more than one connected to your computer. Use the dropdown menus to set your microphone preference. If you connect a musical instrument digital interface MIDI device to your computer, such as a keyboard or controller, some sites and web apps may ask to have exclusive access to the device.

For example, a developer may make a new synthesizer available on the web that you can use with your keyboard.

When the site has exclusive access, other apps both on the web and on your computer may fail to receive output from your device. They can alert you to things like new emails, special coupon offers, or if comments are posted to your blog. You can control how sites deliver notifications.

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You can choose to allow or deny the site to display notifications, and Opera will remember your choice for future visits to that site. When you log in to a website, Opera gives you the option to save your password. Saved passwords are managed in the password manager. From there you can search through saved passwords, remove passwords that Opera remembers, or block passwords from being saved on specific sites.