Get rid of duplicate photos on mac

They are also created when importing photo libraries to a photo viewing application.

Remove Duplicate Photos on Mac

If you think your Mac has duplicate photos and they occupy a huge chunk of memory space that can otherwise be used to store other things, you have a way to find those duplicates and wipe them off your machine. The app is available for free in the Mac App Store.

How to Delete Duplicate Files on Mac | HuffPost

What it will do is remove the other drives that exist on your Mac from the ignorance list. That way all the drives on your Mac will be searched for duplicate photos instead of the main drive. That is where the searching for duplicates begins.

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  • Finding and removing hidden duplicates!

You will be prompted to select a folder where you want to run the scan. As soon as you click Open in the above step, the app should begin finding duplicates. Once it is done, you will be shown how many duplicates it found and how much memory space you can free up if you delete them.

In order to prevent accidental deletion of your important photos, what you can do is unselect all the photos that have been marked as duplicates by the app. That way you will be able to individually select the photos that you wish to be removed from your machine.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

If you want to free up some memory space really quickly, you can sort the photos by their size so that the largest one will appear at the top, and you can get your work started there. You can then move down to the smallest one, but deleting it will not provide you with much memory space.

You can now select the duplicate photos that you want to delete. Nice app!

How to Delete Duplicate Files on Mac

Perhaps you could do a post that compares duplicate photo finders and image similarity finders for Mac? Just an idea. While there may be multiple apps to clean duplicate images, the app mentioned in the above guide gets the job done for the users.

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Its amazingly fast and user friendly. You might be able to see some duplicates right off the bat.


In our example, you can see we have a duplicate of two photos in our Photo Library. If your Photos app is not still open as of this step, you can skip this step completely.

How to Delete Duplicates from iPhoto on Mac?

Go through these duplicates manually and put a check mark in the boxes of the photos you want to delete the duplicates of. Unselected photos will have a green border, and selected photos will have a red border. Note: The next step you take will actually delete these photos, so proceed with caution from here on out.