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Disk Copy is bad! I got my copy from the Swiss mirror today, pretty good speed, much better than yellowdog. Of course, no macs here but I'll just burn the. How does it support ADCs?

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We had a hell of a time trying to just get a bootable YDL 2. We hooked it up to an Xterm but it got confusing so we just stoped. Anyways, there should be a lovely new G4 cube with YDL by the end of the week. I just posted a desktop pic in the BF in the giant desktop pic thread. The only burners I have access to are the one in my Dell Insipron , which was making coasters, though I think that's more due to the carpy version of Easy CD Creator that came with it, and one across the hall in another Dell which eventually worked.

Downloading Yellow Dog Linux 2. Posted: Tue Apr 09, am. Dr Gitlin. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. I'd like to try putting it on my Posted: Tue Apr 09, pm.

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The PowerPC macs will probably remain fully supported for quite a few years to come, but if you're thinking of buying your first Mac and you've got no legacy software, you should wait until the model of your choice has been switched to Intel CPUs which will enjoy even longer support in the future. Apple has invited the press for a presentation event on next tuesday; It is not impossible that the iBooks with Intel CPUs may be presented there; Even if not, the iBook is still expected to be switched to Intel before May because of market-tactical issues.

It all depends on what YOU want the computer for. Oh yea, and everything you buy will be out of date eventually. Computers will come and go, but buy what you need when you need it and I feel you'll be good to go. If you need Linux to develop I'd say fine, but Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten, Uptown, what now? Lets make it happen. Quoting Klaus Reply 1 : legacy software What is legacy software?

Yellow Dog Linux 6 PS3 install experience

When installing downloaded programs on a Linux, such as Open Office or Mozilla, is the only way to install it by using command line? Isn't there a way to double click on an icon and let it run, then hit "next" several times until it is finished installing?

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How does it work on OS X? I've been a Windows user my whole life, so that is what I am used to. Mozilla - download the file offered, this gives you a 'Firefox. Drag the Firefox icon to your Applications folder and watch it copy no more than a few seconds. Installation done! You can then drag the mounted dmg to the trash folder to unmount it.

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Is this for Linux or OS X? This will mainly affect you if you're using legacy apps, older games, or many educational programs. With that said, the PowerMac G5s will remain useful for some time to come, so don't be afraid to buy one of those.

I'd be wary buying one of the others from this point out. Will it work just as good as a windows XP out of the box?

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Yellow Dog should come with Yum, a command line program that makes things pretty easy to install. To install Mozilla, you'd type yum install mozilla , wait a couple minutes while it downloads and installs, and you're done. As others have pointed out, most Linux apps you'd want are available, or have similar but OS X native versions.

Your support makes a big difference:

As you're just making the transition from Windows, you probably wouldn't run into this issue. If you can wait, I'd say wait for the iBook's Intel-powered replacement. No reason to invest in the architecture that's on the way out. I would imagine that if you were to buy the iBook from Terrasoft, they'd have YellowDog properly configured. Though be aware that only recently I'm starting to hear about finally getting the Airport Extreme wireless cards working in Linux, so I don't know if Yellow Dog has gotten it integrated. You might not be able to use the wifi interface from Linux.

In addition to the mount image-copy file install method RichardPrice mentioned, some Mac programs do use an installer. In that case, it's a lot like Windows: Run the installer, click, click, click, wait, done. I value my time too much to use Linux in its current state.