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This new edition has been updated in line with changes to the car theory test revision bank, making the questions and explanations easier to understand. Get as much training as you need when you need it. My girlfriend is started having driving lessons. So I wanted to get her the Theory test and Hazard perception dvds, but the problem is she has a Apple Mac laptop and all the ones I've looked at aren't compatible with a Mac. These issues can manifest themselves as sound, video or performance issues.

Try your skills in the Mock Test as many times as you wish! Download uber for mac. Star added. Quote saved. None of the requested vouchers could be obtained. Adobe DRM client Error: Local voucher engine error. These requests are used to activate your Adobe Reader. The most likely cause is problems with your firewall or proxy server not allowing these requests through, or otherwise corrupting the requests.

A message will inform you to update your version. Mac users: If you do not have Adobe AIR installed, or if the version you have is an earlier version than that included on this disc, you may see a warning message.

Click OK to the message, then open the Resources folder on your disc drive, double-click on the Adobe AIR Installer and follow the on-screen instructions. I'm using Windows 8 and the disc won't install. My DVD skips or just doesn't run. To resolve this problem you will need to purchase Interactive DVD player software. Windows 8 will not play DVDs. To resolve this problem please:.

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Click on 'Explore'. Find Windows scripting host and double click. You will then get two icons coming up, one will be 'Windows 95, 98' and the other will be 'Windows XP, '. Double click on 'Windows XP, ' and follow the instructions to install. Once this is installed please go back on my computer.

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Right click once on the CD icon. Click on 'Explore. Follow the instructions to install. If the disk is still not working; nothing is showing or it is not responding then try performing a Microsoft update. Visit support. If you are using Vista and there is no error message what you are experiencing is probably a Securom related issue. To resolve this please:. Go on www. Once you have done this it will send off an analysis to Securom.

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  • If there are any further problems Securom will contact you directly. I'm using Vista and my CD-ROM doesn't run and I keep getting the message 'please insert original disc' or a 'network licence error has occurred'.

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    This is probably due to a Securom related issue. Please check www. The disc is not working as the screen is either blank, black or white. If you are using either Vista or Windows XP and the disc is not working as the screen is either blank, black or white then this is probably an issue with Flash Player. It is likely that you are experiencing this problem because you do not have the most up to date Flash Player.

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    Please follow the instructions below to resolve this problem:. In order to use your Software Download you will need to install it onto your PC or Mac and activate it using your serial number, which you are supplied with on the order confirmation screen. To install the program double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need to accept the terms and conditions of use during the installation. When you open the program for the first time you will need to activate it by entering your serial number when prompted.

    To install the program double-click the downloaded file. Double click this icon and follow the on-screen instructions. The program will automatically open and prompt you to activate it by entering your serial number. Purchasing a software download through the TSO Shop follows the same procedures as purchasing other products. All the current payment methods can be used and you can purchase books, PDF downloads, eBook downloads, and software downloads in the same transaction. If paying by credit or debit card the transaction payment for eBooks will be appear as a separate transaction on your statement.

    Once payment has been confirmed you will be directed to the confirmation screen. Here you will be able to download your chosen product along with making a copy of your serial number. System Requirements.

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    Please ensure that your computer conforms to the system requirements as set out below. If you proceed to download and install and your computer does not conform, TSO will not be able to provide you with technical support. Operating system: CPU Type and Speed: Hard drive: Mac OS X v Click on the link and save the file to your desktop or default download area when prompted. Messages vary depending on your operating system. If you do not wish to download your software straight away a link to the software download will be found in the 'Your Account' pages under 'Download History'.

    Time to download. Frequently Asked Questions. The download file is an installation package. It will install its contents to a default location on your computer. PC users can choose to change this location during the installation process.

    Learner Driver Kit (AA Driving Test Series)

    For PC users, the installer will have placed an icon on your desktop. You can access the program by double clicking this icon.

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    In the rare event that the installer fails to install, please email: We hope you will find TSO's smartphone apps easy to use and helpful, but if you are experiencing any issues with our apps or would like to send us any comments or feedback, this page can help you. Check the FAQs to see if you can find an answer to your question, and if not, contact us by filling in our feedback form and our Technical Support Team will get back to you as soon as we can. Please include the following information in your email to aid the Technical Support Team in helping you more efficiently:.

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    If you are not using the appropriate OS you will need to update your software. There is advice on how to do this on iTunes: If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us by filling in our feedback form.