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Any archive will then be gone. Yes, you can delete all messages and the rest of the related junk by removing the entire Mail folder, but you may need more than one click unless you decide to trust this process to the third-party cleaning software. Not many options for erasing the mail attachments from the local copy exist. Luckily, third-party solutions from the professional developers will handle any type of junk.

Find a cleaner with a special tool that loos through the email to detect the outdated, huge attachments. It allows leaving the attachments on the server and removing only the local copy.

  1. How to manually remove Mac Mail attachments in Finder.
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Most third-party cleaning applications offer many other useful functions. Use them to keep your Mac clean. Anyway, those who do not wish to buy any extra cleaners can be fine with the manual approaches to cleaning Mail.

How to Remove Mail Attachments from Mac's Mail App

What about the amount of time it may take? It depends on how long a person uses this application. Sometimes, a particular attachment may be unresponsive. There is still a way out! You may already know that the operation is not over until you Empty Trash.

Where is /Mail Downloads?

Once the useless emails and outdated atachments are deleted, it is important to take care of the Trash bin. This location is going to collect the junk unless you do not forget to empty it. What does it mean and how to deal with it? Try this solution:. Thank you. I actually found out about this fix before reading the article.

Yet your approach is a much better way to remove mail attachments. Delete Mail Attachments on Mac. If you wish to see how much space this junk consumes, take the offered steps: Launch Finder.

Where Attachments Opened from Mac OS X Mail Are Stored

Pick Go and Go to Folder. You will discover the Library folder. There, you should move to the Mail folder and right-click it. Pick Get Info. Find out the amount of space the Mail app is consuming. If you do not use the application to get emails, it will need no more than 97 MB. How to Delete Mail Folder on Mac? Launch Finder. Enter Mail Downloads in the search field and push the Enter button.

Thus, the steps will be a bit different starting from here. I turned this feature ON, and all my non working email accounts now work. I hope this helps! Some full disclosure: I still have 1 AOL that is not working, but 1 that is.

I felt deep frustration at not seeing the attachments and found this thread on the web. I tried to rebuild, and it wiped out everything in the To and Subject categories from January to yesterday and I almost had a heart attack. Luckily I went to a different mailbox and when I came back, all the emails were there. But no attachments from March 16 on. Woo hoo! I just upgraded to However, though I can see other files e. Another problem: only my most recent emails can be found via search.

I can see all of these images in Outlook, and search works fine there, but I loved Mail. Any ideas? I guess it may be time to dump Mail. I have the same problem. I upgraded from Lion to Sierra The first time I upgraded from Lion I lost all my mail when I was told to rebuild so reluctant to try it again I needed to upgrade my hosting mail service first then upgrade a second time.

I hope there is another solution. I have the same issue with the attachment symbol not showing up after the procedure method in this article. I forwarded an old email with an attachment to myself and all of the sudden the attachment symbols appeared. Same issue here — I have the newest version of Sierra and basically a brand new computer. All of a sudden I cannot see any excel attachments in the emails.

Apple Mail Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Tried the rebuild to no avail. I just updated to Sierra These answers are B. None of the Apple Calisthenics have worked. Come on Apple and get this fixed. Outlook is starting to look better and better…. I also had the problem about disappearing attachments from the Mail app thought I was going mad, but could clearly see the attachments when accessing my e-mails through webmail.

Upgraded to Sierra Apparently the group of people at Apple are coding small, arguably unnecessary, changes that are corrupting the good code. A common theme these days. So I pose two questions the second rhetorical : 1. Why do we so willingly upgrade software? There is no evidence that new code is better than old code.

Again I have a slightly different problem. I can see the attachment if I forward it to myself, but not on the original email. This seems to happen with airline bookings! I am trying to send a kb attachment but when I hit send I get a message telling me that the attachment is still loading, but never does. Under the attachment in small, blue type is the number kb. This is, of course, is a tiny bit of information, so it should go through in a blink. This solution worked as stated. The attachments were PDF and Word compatible documents and they seemingly disappeared.

I have a problem with encrypted mails: attachments in encrypted mails i received are shown but with 0 kb file size. I can not open or download them.

How to delete old attachments downloaded by the Mail app

Accessing the mails with Outlook shows that everything is o. The fact that this new issue manifested itself with OS X Sierra sic only leads me to conclude that Apple does not fully test or quality check in their development cycles. As for my grudge with Mail, I have reviewed other email clients: Outlook for mac is nowhere near as robust as it should be and does not integrate with OS X contacts; Thunderbird is very barebones, and in some ways, as poorly implemented as Mail; Airmail looks promising, but is no trial version for testing.

I totally agree. Only solution may be to fire the whole department after writing glowing recommendations so they will be hired at Microsoft and starting over. I had a friend with the same problem. But do backup!! No, this has not fixed my problem. Messages have attachments but they are not visible in the viewer window.

They do seem to be visible in the actual message itself. I have no imap or icloud mail accounts, only pop accounts.