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Each morning we will sit next to our best friends and sing.

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Each morning the girls will hear a little bit more about the faith that makes their counselors so exceptional. And each morning the counselors will stay behind to pray for their girls. So I am looking forward to another 2, hours in our chapel. For example, there has been a lot of talk about whether we should give the new chapel a name. We decided that we like it the way it is.


Sometimes the role something plays, in this case its being a chapel, says more about its character than any other name can. One of the exceptions to this is our Merri-Mac Council, where the counselors will award our White Feather promotions. Some of our most successful campers, some of our tribal chiefs, and even some of our honor campers may never receive a White Feather promotion because their gifts lie in other areas. White Feather is an opportunity to recognize certain character traits that might otherwise go unnoticed.

One of the ways we do that is our Merri-Mac Council where the counselors will award our White Feather promotions.

Here campers who have demonstrated gifts of quiet leadership and an increasing growth in the fruits of the Spirit receive beaded necklaces as they progress through the ranks toward achieving the rank of White Feather. The most important part of Merri-Mac Council comes after the ceremony is over. During cabin time on the evenings that we hold council, the counselors will go to each camper to describe the gifts and abilities that they have noticed in her.

This is where a girl who may never earn a White Feather Promotion, a Gold Bar, or be elected to a tribal office, can be recognized for her own unique gifts and contribution to her camp family. Each camper or counselor joins an Indian tribe soon after arriving at camp. When you become an Iroquois, Choctaw, or Seminole at initiation, you have joined a life long group within the Merri-Mac family. Each night in camp, our evening activity is a competition between the three tribes.

Initiated into the Seminoles!

So far, so good! In , a great camp friend of mine invited me to be a raft guide, the summer after my freshman year of college, which is where I met Smoochie.

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So no camp? No Smoochie, no little spies, no Spy Garden! Thank God for camp!

Camp Merri-Mac's Princess Party

Wow, it looks so beautiful there. Your first pics are rhododendrons sorry, not magnolia ;- and the second is beebalm Monarda — the horto in me must comment, of course. That is a very LONG drive! Are you vacationing in the meantime and then picking Spy up in two weeks?

History of the Lodi Fair

The foliage looks similar to magnolia; I thought they were just a different variety of magnolia. Cool, good to know!!!

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My parents are actually picking him up next weekend and coming here. Yes, too long of a drive both ways!! I sometimes think that you guys must live on a very different planet to me. Your world is SO very different to mine. Nature is a fundamental healer.

Singing a Song All Day Long

If we get out and into nature safely we learn how to really live. Imagine how different your life would have been without Smoochie?! Getting out into the woods for 30 min or so a few times a week is a great thing. Plus it is a great way to avoid weeding our garden!

A Day at the Fair with Merri Mac! - Camp Timberlake

You can also say that your garden has a LOT less weeds than the surrounding bushland so you technically are doing a great job as it is ;. What wonderful pictures and memories you will and have! Savor these great times! Miss you all so much! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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