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Sat 07 Sep PM. Sun 08 Sep PM. Fri 13 Sep PM. Sat 14 Sep PM. Sun 15 Sep PM. Fri 20 Sep PM. Sat 21 Sep PM. Sign Up. Within seconds, my wife advised she too had gotten in and had two seats in Pit, Row D "on hold". I advised I had already purchased the ones in Row E and was a bit miffed that ones were available in Row D however, upon examination of their location, the ones I bought in Row E were dead center stage, while the ones in Row D were off to the side stage right.

At that point, I received an e-mail from Ticketmaster confirming the purchase as well as the seats assigned. Unfortunately, what I purchased and what are now showing up at the venue Will Call are two entirely different animals. It seems Ticketmaster has taken it upon themselves to move us from our fifth row center seats to ones now four rows behind them, in the pavilion, Section , Row D.

My wife and I have been to hundreds of concerts and can pretty much sit just about anywhere we want to, provided we are willing to pay broker fees and upcharges, which we have also done dozens of times. But then I'm still stuck with the two Ticketmaster elected to assign us with very little, if any chance of reselling them by the show this Friday. I spent half the afternoon on the phone with Ticketmaster today and after two reps and two supervisors, received nothing more than lies about the original purchase and more "sorries" than I can begin to count.

They absolutely refuse to do anything.

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It is my guess that either the promoter, radio stations or the brokers themselves needed some additional seats in the first five rows and Ticketmaster took it upon themselves to screw over not only myself, but also likely dozens of others who made like purchases on the initial day of sale. So even if I did have the e-mail, I might have a pretty decent lawsuit, but then I'm spending my hard earned dollars for something I'm sure they would drag out as long as they possibly could before finally admitting and paying for THEIR error. At this point, my only recourse is to dispute the charges via the card they were charged to which I intend to do once I have the "new" tickets and can determine their actual face value.

I'm sure I am not the only one Ticketmaster has done this to, but I can guarantee I will not be making any further or future purchases through these criminals. This company is the worst place you can buy tickets. Now they canceled the tickets and no money either. Thanks Ticketmaster is show up what a great bad company you are. Ticketmaster is now involved in illegal direct scalping of many popular concerts The government needs to be told about this 'platinum' tickets are ones -held back- from ever having been purchase from them and then directly sold to the public at the time of the first pre-sale.

So while in the past they did the Stubhub thing of reselling others' actual fans' tickets for a fee Thus Ticketmaster are not doing an illegal act. They say it is in the interest of the fans by protecting them from fake re-sellers, when in reality that is a bold lie with balls to forge their very own major business. Last night I found out my e-ticket was somehow stolen and sold. Here is my best comparison to my experience: Say you find out an expensive item was stolen from you and sold at a pawnshop.

Once the person who unknowingly bought a stolen item is found, they gotta return the stolen item by law, right? Well, why does that not apply with tickets? My E-ticket was stolen, with proof. They admit it was stolen and sold without my permission. They have the name of the person who bought my stolen tickets ON the resold tickets. They say they can't take the tickets away from that person that bought them.

Does that make sense? Why does Ticketmaster get away with charging such high commissions and convenience fee on top???

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain @Tampa Bay Times Forum 2013

What are they doing for this other than just making an online reservation? For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Bought tickets to a concert as a present for my adult daughter in mid April. Was told tickets are sent regular mail days from purchase. Concert is June 29, today is June 20th and still no tickets. Contacted Ticketmaster via chat.

Was told tickets were printed yesterday June 19th , sent regular mail and will arrive in days. Fleetwood Mac. The band has gone through multiple line-up changes over the years with Mick Fleetwood being the only original band member still present in the current line-up. Fleetwood Mac, named after John McVie and Mick Fleetwood, is arguably one of the most successful and influential bands of the 20th century.

Since their inception in the late 60s, the band has sold over million records worldwide, making them one of the most successful bands ever. Fleetwood Mac has released an astonishing 17 studio albums to date and has gone through two distinct periods of success in two different rock genres.

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  7. Popular in Europe, the band toured extensively and got involved in the alcohol and drug fuelled rock and roll lifestyle. Frontman at the time, Peter Green, found his metal state deteriorating after the use of LSD, and he eventually left the band in Fleetwood Mac continued to steadily gain popularity throughout the early 70s, but their fame exploded with the recruitment of guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and his vocalist girlfriend Stevie Nicks in The resulting pressure from this sudden success, combined with the rock and roll lifestyle such success bought, contributed to the breakup of John and Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, and Mick Fleetwood and his wife Jenny.

    The band went on to release further successful albums throughout the 80s, 90s and early s. The band still tours regularly across the globe, constantly changing line-up just as fans have come to expect. Imagine my joy when my uber cool teenage son began to share my love of Fleetwood Mac.

    Seat Views

    I struggled with Tusk though, how could they change their style so? As the years went on and new ways of finding music opened up to me, I discovered their Fleetwood Mac album and some of the songs on it matched the brilliance of the ones on Rumours. Her vocals belted out on every track, none of your long drum solos there.

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    How had this eluded me? Check it out. I dare the hairs on your arm not to stand on end. When the tickets were released for the Wembley Concert, I balked at the price - especially as I would have to fork out for his as well. How long can these guys keep performing. I coughed up and we counted the sleeps.


    When I heard that The Pretenders were the support band, I was delighted. The doors opened at 5 and we arrived at Wembley Stadium about an hour later, deciding to find our seats first and then go and check out the drink situation. Ouch again, but what the hell and I left Ethan in the queue with my bank card while I went to the loo. However, we drank our beer water, chatting amiably, so very excited about seeing Stevie.

    I wondered where she was staying. Maybe the Elstree Village which is where the Big Brother contestants used to stay when they got booted out in one of the Deck rooms, of course. Probably not. With no ado whatsoever, The Pretenders came on and bashed out song after song. Nobody forced me to buy it, I know. We took a queue each and liaised by phone. Somebody was playing the opening bars of Chains you know, the motor racing one on their radio. We got back and somewhere about a mile away in the distance was Stevie Nicks and her band singing their little hearts out. Tis true that we could hardly make them out.

    We rocked and rolled, danced and pranced this time drinking our beers from plastic bottles. I also told him there would be some boring bits where they played tracks from their very early line up. I know my shit and sure enough World Turning came on and we went for another toilet break. It was the eighties and she kept going off stage and coming back in different witchy and twirly outfits. This time, if my eyes serve me correctly, her only concession to this was one of those shrug things over her shoulders.

    I missed Lindsay Buckingham.

    Fleetwood Mac Tour and Concert Feedbacks. Tickets and Scedule

    Keep up. Incidentally, I must apologise to Christine McVie. She is a wonderful singer in her own right. She seems to take it in good spirits that Stevie gets most of the attention, but they have probably had some right old ding dongs in the past. More songs from Rumours, a few from Tango in the Night, some slows ones where the phone torches came out and then lastly the wonderful Go Your Own Way. On our way out we saw someone in a t-shirt that I would love to have but could only wear indoors.

    It took a long time to get on the train, but there was still somewhere open when I got to Canons Park at Read more.