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The bar lines were ok, but bubbly was warm. Mud, well we knew it would be a problem but can't help more duck boards or at least turf could've helped. The funnel down to the silver section was terrible for sliding. Fleetwood Mac were phenomenal, playing like they're still 21! A true highlight was seeing Chrissy McVie encore with Songbird. Bimbadgen or Qantas Stadium for us next time. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We value everyone opinion as it helps us cater our services to the needs and wants of our guest. As Hope Estate does not make money off ticket sales our business relies on the sales of food and beverages.

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I will be sure to pass on your feedback to management in regards to your hamper experience. We do not pass blame for issues, rather want to make sure feedback reaches the people responsible so feedback can be acted on. For example we accept and sorry to hear that you were not happy with your hamper or like our beer. We are looking into who's staff where dancing in the silver section as this is something not allowed by Hope Estate staff and we will act swiftly on it. Thank you for you feedback and it will be used to better improve our concert experience.

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What a rip off. Firstly,the entree and main were appalling for both sets meals.

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A rack of lamb is a rack not two very cold cutlets. The desert was served when the Mac stated playing so missed out on that.

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Ordered champagne but was informed they had run out!!! How do you run out of champers at a winery? Thank you for providing your valuable feedback, It is through responses like yours we are able to improve the services we provide. We are currently investigating into the experiences some people has so we can better understand why they happened and what we can do to prevent them from happening again. We want to ensure that our dinner package service is the best it can be regardless of what external factors effect the event. In regards to the dinner package running out of wine, we have traced this back to a miss communication between staff and have put procedure in place to ensure it won't happen again.

Thanks again for taking the time to inform us of your experience. Though feedback we can improve.

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Booked tickets 6 months ago, always wanted to go to this venue. Entry in the seated reserved area was not enforced halfway into the concert, "ring ins" dancing in the aisles. Going to the rows of portable toilets is another experience not to be missed. If your thinking about going to this venue, think hard again, it is a rip off!

Stevie Nicks and Pretenders to perform at A Day on The Green in three states

The only saving grace was that Lindsay Buckingham nearly made it worthwhile! Thank you for taking the time to review Hope Estate Winery, We will defiantly taking you feedback onboard in regards to food vendor and que times. To give some insight Hope Estate does not make money from ticket sales, we use bar service and arrange food vendors as our business during a concert. So your feedback on this is very valuable to us. In regards to seating and issues outside of the winery building.

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Hope Estate is venue hired by a promotor who hosts the concert. Seating, site management, security and the concert itself is their domain. We take the responsible service of alcohol very seriously.

Johns Ambulance service and the security team from the site management company, who are under instructions from the tours head of security. Our biggest challenges during a concert night are trying to stop persons buying for intoxicated patrons, stock piling alcohol, pre loading before they enter the site and persons taking or under the influence of drugs.

We are already in discussions with OLGR and respective parties to address these issues.

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Once again thank your for your valuable insight. Fleetwood Mac put on a great show, however Hope Estate did everything in their power to sabotage the vent. Paid for a signature meal package and gold seating, received the worst meal I have ever paid for, topped with the poorest service of all time. Veruca Salt came out of nowhere with debut single Seether in and grabbed the music industry by the throat.

Fronted by Louise Post and Nina Gordon, the Chicago four-piece injected angsty power pop into alt-rock with bittersweet harmonies that cut to the bone. Within five years, though, Veruca Salt had split. Jim Shapiro left in early and the band officially called it quits when Gordon left a year later. The split took a heavy emotional toll on Gordon and Post. Years went by without the two speaking. We reunited over motherhood, and music was the icing on the cake. It is always the way for me. They are there waiting to come out, you know?