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The search results could be a variety of items. Just make sure they are related to OneDrive.

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  • You may see things like:. I found this script quite by accident actually. I was working with a completely unrelated application on something completely different and they said to look at the package contents of the application and use the uninstall script in there.

    So I started thinking…I wonder if the OneDrive developers put a reset script or application hidden within the OneDrive application itself. As I dug into it, I found it. And I used it. And it magically reset OneDrive so that I could start over from the beginning with the entering of my credentials.

    • Is There A Shortcut to Uninstall Google Drive within Clicks?.
    • Is There A Shortcut to Uninstall Google Drive within Clicks??
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    • Sync files with the OneDrive sync client on Mac OS X - Office Support!
    • First, navigate to the OneDrive application. Then you Control-click the application. When you do that, you should see the following menu appear:. You will then see a list of folders and files within the OneDrive application. It just a script that is run in the terminal. Note, when you run it, you may need to authenticate as an administrator.

      Solving Dropbox selective sync conflicts | Dropbox Help

      To run the script, just double-click on it. It should launch Terminal and run through a variety of options. Once it has finished, you are done! Once you have run the script and already did the other 2 items earlier , you should be able to launch OneDrive as if it were a completely new installation. You should be prompted to enter your login information and start syncing.

      How to Uninstall Programs on Mac - Permanently Delete Application on Mac

      It worked for me! Please let me know if this works for you in the comments below. Restart your Mac, and all iOS devices that are linked to your iCloud account. Click Sync, then 'Delete database from iCloud'. Open 'System Preferences'. Click 'Delete from Mac'.

      I can't see any OneDrive icons

      Leave iCloud System Preferences open. Locate and delete a folder named Mobile Documents. Locate and delete a folder named Ubiquity. You can skip this step and see if completing the rest of the steps on your Mac helps. Choose Merge. But note that if Google Drive has been corrupted, you are suggested to install this app to cover the damaged files, and then run Osx Uninstaller to perform a clean uninstall. Would like to delete Google Drive without 3dr party tool?

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      That could be quite easy if you know the tricks. Follow the steps below to get rid of Google Drive the app itself. Meanwhile, you can trash an app by these ways: 2 drag the app into the Trash in Dock and drop it there; 3 select the app, and choose Move to Trash from File menu.

      Sync files with the OneDrive sync client on Mac OS X

      So continue with the two steps below:. Warning : The act of emptying the Trash is irrevocable, and everything dropped in the Trash will be deleted instantly and permanently. Incomplete uninstall is one of the issues that upset Mac users. To truly remove Google Drive without trace left, you can manually detect its components remaining on the system directories, or run Osx Uninstaller to handle the job effortlessly.

      Manual Approaches to Uninstall Sync Now on Mac

      Warming : you should be very cautious when deleting app vestiges in these directories. Only delete the items that contains Google Drive. If other apps or system files are deleted mistakenly, those affected apps or even the system could not work normally. In most cases the manual method works for 3rd party apps installed properly, but if it fails you, you can turn to Osx Uninstaller for assistance.

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      Using Liferay Sync on Your Desktop

      First of all, disconnect your Google account and quit Google Drive… Before uninstalling Google Drive, you should first disconnect your account to stop syncing completely. Here are the details: Step 1. Download Osx Uninstaller, install it, and run this tool in Launchpad.