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What do you mean by illegal? If the filesystem thought it was illegal, it would not be able to create the files.

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AlanShutko System is a relative term. OSX will let you put slashes in a file name. They are passing files back and forth with other networks via dropbox and bitsync and files with slashes dont sync, just to be safe I don't want any none A-Z chars in the string.

I think this answer would do for you: AlanShutko That answer is referenced in my original question. My issue with it is that it deals with one file at a time rather then a folder full of files. Oops, I didn't read it carefully enough.

How to Batch Rename Files on Mac OS X Easily from Finder

You can translate it into an automator action which works on a folder. If someone else doesn't do it first, I'll work on it after I get some other stuff taken care of.

You might use shell commands like this though: Lri Lri Seriously worth every penny. Worthy of Beyond Compare value. If that link ever goes down, you can create the following application in Automator: All you have to do is: It should be almost instantaneous if not many.

The first command shown is a "dry-run", meaning you should've executed that first to be certain what it does, as it doesn't touch any files. If you overwrote your files somehow that's nobody's fault but your own Do you actually believe "This deleted my files" is useful?

how to BATCH RENAME multiple FILES on a MAC - Mac OS tutorial

This question was answered almost three years ago, has nearly 10, views and nobody else seems to complain of anything similar. Unfortunately I'd say you messed up somewhere along way, sorry Tetsujin Tetsujin You can easily do this with a shell script free , e. Trane Francks Trane Francks 1, 4 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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How to Batch Rename Files on Mac OS X Easily from Finder

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