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We are publishing today libdvdnav and libdvdread minor releases to fix minor crashes and improving the support for difficult discs. See libdvread page for more information. More information available on the release page.

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After millions downloads of 3. VideoLAN is releasing a new major version of libbluray: 1. This release fixes numerous small issues reported. Jean-Baptiste Kempf: dav1d 0.

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A few reminders about dav1d If you follow this blog, you should know everything about dav1d. A new release: 3.

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When Kodi can decode the video file and knows how 3D is encoded in it, it can then transform the decoded video to the desired output method. Either of these formats can be played back onto a HDMI 1. The display can then usually manually be set to decode the 3D content, and then displays it for active or passive shutter glasses depending on the type of 3D display. If Kodi is unaware of the video being 3D, it will render its GUI across the whole 2D frame, so that it becomes gibberish after 3D decoding by the display.

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Typically, Kodi is aware of the 3D encoding of the video, see the section "How Kodi does 3D detection". In that that case it will transform the 3D format of the video after decoding to the desired output mode for the display, for example converting SBS to TAB or vice versa, or even to anamorphic which can be played back on any display using colored plastic glasses. HDMI 1. This is the format used by Blu Ray 3D players. It is a x signal constituting of full-HD top and bottom left and eye frames separated by 45 lines of blanking. Support for this output format is platform specific.

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See Platform specific info below. For software video decoding Kodi depends on the third-party decoder libraries from the ffmpeg.

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Kodi has three ways to detect whether a videofile is a 3D video. These methods are checked in the following order:. First, Kodi tries to detect the stereoscopic mode for a video when extracting streamdetails from the videofile. When playing a video, you can bring up the video settings dialog to manually select the stereoscopic mode. Navega con Brave.

Corrige errores de imagen y audio. Puede ser abrumador para principiantes. Necesita software adicional.

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