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How Do I Empty the Cache on a Mac OSX? : Apple Software & Mac Tips

This will close any background processes still running for the Calendar application. After you enter the command above try emptying the trash again it should work now.

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After the cache files have been successfully deleted, reboot your computer and relaunch the Calendar app. At first it will probably load without any of your calendars visible - this is normal, just wait a few moments and it should update and the correct calendars should begin to show again.

How to Clean Caches & Temporary Files from Mac OS

If your Calendar issue was related to a cache problem then it should now be resolved and working properly again. Be careful with this though as it is easy to create many duplicate events this way if they already exist in the calendar. You should only need to do this if for some reason your calendar does not update properly after clearing the cache. Contact Us.

Clear your cache in Google Chrome (Mac Os X/macOS)

Thus, to clear cache on Mac, you should delete the contents of the following directories in Finder:. The first folder is hidden. Then click the Go button.

What is Cache?

If you need to remove the caches of any application, then remove all the contents, except the folder with its name. The first boot will be longer than usual. Please note, in this way you delete the cache files, most of them, maybe, but not all of them.

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  • Some apps may scatter their service files in different folders, so we recommend that you use special software tools which can find all these cache files automatically, no matter where they are located. To find and remove cache files of particular apps or to clear all the caches on your Mac, you can use the Clear Disk application. ClearDisk scans your hard drive and automatically finds all the cache files in just a few seconds.


    Then, all you need do to remove caches is to select them and click the Clear button. ClearDisk is the best cleaner of cached data on Mac. Clearing the browser cache requires the same steps mentioned above. You can clear browser cache manually; use the ClearDisk app for this or go to the browser settings to clear your online activity data. In our previous articles, we have already given some guides of how to clear browser cache.

    Just follow these links to learn about them:. Use one of the ways described below that suits your needs best.

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    • How to Clear Cache on Mac. You are here: Home How to Clear Cache on Mac Almost all applications on Mac, for one reason or another, cache part of the data to a local disk. Contents: What is cached data? What is a browser cache? What does clearing cache do? Clear cache on Mac manually. Clear cache on Mac with one click. How to clear browser cache?