Fionn mac cumhaill and the salmon of knowledge

Story of Fionn McCumhaill - Salmon of Knowledge - Connemara Smokehouse

The first person to eat of its flesh would in turn gain this knowledge. The poet Finn Eces or Finegas spent seven years fishing for this salmon. Finally Finn caught the salmon and gave the fish to Fionn, his servant and son of Cumhaill , with instructions to cook it but on no account to eat any of it.

Fionn cooked the salmon, turning it over and over, but when he touched the fish with his thumb to see if it was cooked, he burnt his finger on a drop of hot cooking fish fat. Fionn sucked on his burned finger to ease the pain.

Salmon of Knowledge Experience

Little did Fionn know that all of the salmon's wisdom had been concentrated into that one drop of fish fat. When he brought the cooked meal to Finn Eces, his master saw that the boy's eyes shone with a previously unseen wisdom. Finn Eces asked Fionn if he had eaten any of the salmon.

Answering no, the boy explained what had happened. Finn Eces realized that Fionn had received the wisdom of the salmon, so gave him the rest of the fish to eat.

Poet & Warrior

Fionn ate the salmon and in so doing gained all the knowledge of the world. Throughout the rest of his life, Fionn could draw upon this knowledge merely by biting his thumb.

Fionn & The Salmon of Knowledge - A Legend from Ancient Ireland

The deep knowledge and wisdom gained from the Salmon of Knowledge, allowed Fionn to become the leader of the Fianna , the famed heroes of Irish myth. In Welsh mythology , the story of how the poet Taliesin received his wisdom follows a similar pattern. In , in celebration of the return of fish to the River Lagan , the city of Belfast erected a sculpture titled The Salmon of Knowledge but locally called The Big Fish. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Irish Legends: The Salmon of Knowledge

This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. One day a small boy called Fionn McCumhaill and his mother came by. Finnegas agreed. Everyday Finnegas sat by the river teaching Fionn all he knew about the world. Then one day, a huge fish swam by.

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Finnegas was so excited because he was sure this was The Salmon of Knowledge. He ran to get his fishing net. The salmon was strong. It jumped and twisted and turned in the net for a long time. Eventually Finnegas landed the fish. After a while a bubble appeared on the side of the fish. Without thinking, Fionn burst the bubble with his thumb. He immediately put his sore thumb into his mouth to cool it and make it better.

The Story of Fionn MacCumhaill

After some time Finnegas woke up. He was very hungry and he was looking forward to having the salmon for his tea.

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He called Fionn who came immediately. He then noticed something strange about the boy.