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  • Support Forums Stats. What can I expect if I still try to play Mafia 3 on my Mac? Without meeting these requirements, users can expect sub par framerates or severe game instability.

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    A: Yes, the Mac version will support the following list of third party controllers:. A: Three additional pieces of content are available at launch. The Faster, Baby! The Season Pass grants access to three story expansions coming this year, each introducing unique story lines, characters and gameplay features to the world of New Bordeaux.

    Even better? Specifically, she's been using them in hopes of finding the "perfect sequence" that will keep Madoka from making the Deal with the Devil to turn her into a Magical Girl , with all the horrible things that implies in this world. Since Gen Urobuchi , the series's script writer got his start making Visual Novels , this is probably a subtle nod to the practice.

    Not to mention that slowing and stopping time is a favorite trick of Tool-Assisted Speedrunners, with the same weaknesses inherent in the ability. Too bad Homura only has one save state Natsuki Subaru from Re:Zero has the ability that he calls "Return by Death" which allows him to go back in time to a "save point", with only himself remembering what happened.

    However, he has no control over when a "save point" occurs, and can only return to it by dying, so it's not an ability he uses lightly. Skeleton Soldier Couldn't Protect the Dungeon : The skeleton soldier doesn't just resurrect on death, he goes back in time with all his memories and experience intact.

    This lets him grind for experience a bit on the mercenaries who ordinarily would have been far outside his ability to defeat. In UQ Holder! She can use this to dodge the attacks of far more powerful opponents by repeatedly dying to them and learning how they fight.

    This has a gruelling effect on her psyche. The enemies she's fighting against, who don't have Ripple Effect-Proof Memory but still figure out what she's doing from her unexpected successes, decide to simply let her continue until she breaks. Comic Books. Tends to pop out in Paperinik New Adventures : time travelers can use their chronosails to travel back in time after getting a result they don't like they tend to do it only on small scale due them being Genre Savvy about the Butterfly Effect. Specific instances are: in "The Wind of Time" the Raider, after getting his ass kicked by Paperinik, travels in time and has Paperinik's ambush sprung by Angus and the police, forcing him to run and let him steal what he wanted.

    Upon learning of this, Paperinik complains that the Raider is practically undefeatable , and he's arrested by the Time Police only after he's lured in the one moment he can't time travel his way out of trouble; in a short story Trip, the son of the Raider, pulls this to perform the decisive save in an hockey match.

    Then he decides to do it again with his eyes closed, only for the Raider who was watching the match to alter probability and have him lose, teaching him to not cheat at sports; in "Nothing Personal" Odin Eidolon performs a variant: to prevent the Bad Future that happened after the Raider's death and Trip becoming the Griffin and causing the Bad Future , he kidnapped Trip from slightly before the mission in which the Raider's died , causing the Raider to abort the mission and learn what would happen.

    After returning to the future with Trip, the Raider implies having performed another save scum to still perform the mission without Paperinik getting involved or him dying. Subverted with Kang the Conqueror. He admits he can easily go back in time and replay his losses to achieve victory. He also acknowledges he can just go back and stop the Avengers from ever being born. However, Kang finds the Avengers far too worthy foes to take such an easy victory. He wants the satisfaction of beating them in their primes and on their own terms. To simply replay his losses to make them wins would be cheating and Kang knows that undermines any victory he could boast.

    When she dies, her consciousness returns to the moment of her birth and she restarts her life with full knowledge of the ones that came before. Fan Works. He can load anytime, anywhere, but owls are his justfied save points.

    He spends months and years worth of virtual time on getting certain things 'just right. Can happen in RPG-Mechanics Verse -based works, where the characters are aware that this is an option. Often provided by a Sudden Game Interface. This comes in handy when the universe is destroyed shortly after, and he makes use of Save Scumming as he tries to find a sequence of events to avert the apocalypse. In Tabula Avatar , the hero of Baldur's Gate unknowingly describes what it feels like to be loaded from a previous save.

    Sorkatani: Sometimes I dream of dying. Those dreams make no sense at the time but later I will find myself in a situation that I recognize. I make sure that I do not do what I did in the dream, and I live. It scared me at first but now those prophetic dreams are almost a comfort. Doctor Strange features the Eye of Agamotto as an artifact of powerful time-related magic. Under most circumstances, it can shift the user through time in the dimension it's in. The good doctor defeats Dormammu by casting a spell that brings a limited amount of time to the Dark Dimension which had been repeatedly referred to as an ominous "realm outside of time" to ensure that his death will instead reset him to beginning of their confrontation.

    From Strange's point of view, all he has to do is walk forward and make a deal: Dormammu leaves the Material Plane forever and he'll undo his spell. However, Dormammu and the rest of the Dark Dimension are not subject to the same resetting timestream, and so he is subject to sorcerer after sorcerer stepping forward with the same demand, each one replacing the previous one.

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    • Eventually, Dormammu tires of killing Strange over and over and accepts. The primary premise of Edge of Tomorrow. William Cage hijacks the Mimic's ability to start a day over, which means every time he dies he ends up at the beginning of the loop. With a little prompting from another character who went through the same thing, he uses this ability to gain months or years worth of combat experience in seemingly no time at all.

      At the end of the film, Cage hijacks the aliens a second time by killing the Omega Mimic, which results in all the aliens dying before the human counter-attack even happens. A rare dark almost as dark as it gets example is in Funny Games : just when it seemed that the heroes managed to turn the tables on the sadist killers, the latter with a wink to the audience literally rewinded the film and made necessary changes.

      Mafia 3 Save Game different location.

      Alhough used only once, this move instils crushing sense of helplessness on the audience. Groundhog Day is based on this premise - the protagonist can do whatever he likes, because everything is back to normal each morning in his endlessly-repeating February 2nd. It seems like Men in Black 3 has Agent J use this, but a close eye or repeated watchings will show you that the pattern changed between attempts.

      You have to remember, Boris got to time jump too. The movie Next essentially featured a character capable of doing this in real life. Being able to see two minutes into your future has its perks The short film One-Minute Time Machine is all about a guy repeatedly skipping back in time to have another try at chatting up a girl. In the film Source Code , the protagonist experiences via simulation the last 8 minutes in the life of a schoolteacher who is doomed to die in an explosion on a commuter train.

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      However, when he dies, he gets restarted at the start of those 8 minutes. So, basically, his mission is to savescum to find out who blew up the train. Notably, he does not have an infinite number of retries, as time advances normally outside the simulation. The Time Machine uses this as a focal point of the plot. The Protagonist invents a time machine specifically to try to prevent a past tragedy.

      We see him failing to prevent that event every time he travels back in time. It is implied he has tried many more times than the audience has seen. In X-Men: Days of Future Past , this is essentially how the X-Men in the Bad Future stay ahead of the Sentinels for so long; every time they are about to be wiped out, Kitty sends one of them usually Bishop a few days into the past to alert them and avoid the situation that led to them being trapped in the first place.

      In the Discworld book Thief of Time , Yetis have learned to do this via a limited control of time. They can and will periodically save their lives before doing a dangerous task so that if they get killed, they'll go back in time and not be such a fool next time. It's mentioned that the species has gone extinct on three separate occasions. In the Star Trek: Voyager Novel The Escape, Torres, Kim, and Neelix are searching a seemingly deserted planet when they accidentally activate a Time Travel device, violating the laws of the aliens who inhabit the various timelines on the planet.