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When joining a WebEx conference on a computer, one of the requirements is to enable WebEx software. Contact the Solutions Centre for information about this tool. For users who do not have the tool installed on the Windows computer they plan to use, WebEx provides some options to facilitate it. Here is a visual and the explanations of the options are provided below. However, we encourage all users to select " Run a temporary application " in order to join WebEx meetings, or make time well in advance to update their java software. Install - points users to the message box at the very bottom of the window:.

This website wants to install the following add-on: To the far right of the text is the Install button. If you select this option, the computer will begin to update the JavaScript software required to run the WebEx software. If you join the meeting well in advance of the start time , this may be possible. Collaboration Meeting Room CMR is an add-on option for Meeting Center that enables you to join a meeting from Cisco TelePresence, any standards-based video conferencing system or application, or any WebEx enabled mobile or desktop web client.

People can join from anywhere in the world using technology that they already have, including video conferencing devices, computers, and mobile devices. CMR Cloud supports up to 25 standards-based video endpoints. Depending on a company's subscription, up to additional video-enabled mobile and desktop users, and audio-only users can attend. Each meeting will support up to standards-based video endpoints and up to video-enabled WebEx Meeting Center users.

Be sure to check Allow people to join using WebEx. Finally, add the names of meeting invitees, type the meeting subject, then click Send. When your meeting has been booked, it appears on your Outlook calendar with all of the information you need to start it.

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Invitees receive a meeting invitation with the information they need to join. Other WebEx centers are not supported at this time. WebEx Productivity Tools with Telepresence is currently only available for Windows, so scheduling with Microsoft Outlook for Mac is not supported at this time.

Scheduling WebEx Meeting and assigning Alternate Hosts in Productivity Tools

The current solution will allow users on supported Apple iOS and Android devices to join the meeting audio and to view shared content. In future releases, Cisco is planning to introduce a new version of Cisco WebEx Meetings mobile app for Apple that will support two-way video for users on iPad and iPhone devices. Two-way video for Android and RIM devices is not yet planned. This can occur when you have more than one Internet Explorer window open.

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Check all Explorer windows and Tabs if using IE7. If the 'caller' keeps the connection open, then the 'receiver' will remain connected to the 'caller'. With WebEx AI the bridge can dial out to users. If you are on a standard phone connected directly to your local telephone exchange then it is possible for your line to remain connected to the audio bridge until cleared when the session terminates. Even then a two minute timeout can apply if you did not leave the session cleanly.

Rejoin the WebEx session again. You will be prompted to receive a call back; select Cancel if you are still connected to the audio conference. When you join the WebEx session you will notice that you are shown as being connected twice, although one will not have a telephone icon indication however both may be shown as connected to the WebEx session - indicated by the colored dot after the name. After approximately two minutes, WebEx will remove the WebEx session indicator from the audio connection.

Please note that you will not have access to WebEx audio integration control when you rejoin the WebEx session as your audio call will not be associated with your new WebEx session. If you wish to use the WebEx audio integration when you rejoin you should ask the Host to expel you; then you will be able to dial out to yourself when your rejoin.

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As a participant, to leave a WebEx audio integration meeting, select File then Leave Meeting or alternatively select the 'Close' button: You will be presented with confirmation dialog box, select Leave Meeting. Your audio call will be disconnected after the WebEx meeting has terminated. As a host, when you leave the meeting you are presented with the confirmation dialog box where you select End Meeting. This will highlight that if you choose to end the meeting, both the audio and the web portions of the meeting will end for all participants.

The mute on entry is performed by WebEx, not by BT MeetMe Audio, so there is a small window of opportunity to hear the user prior to them being muted. On certain bridges the audio indication is only provided when two or more people join the audio conference. In each case, renaming of the participant is only shown locally and not communicated to the participants in the meeting. After WebEx audio integration has been enabled you will need to setup your audio options when scheduling a WebEx meeting.

If you fail to do so you will be presented with a dialog box stating "Enter audio number, passcode and other instructions". Please refer to the Audio integration user guide for instructions on how to set audio options and templates as appropriate. A "No line available" message indicates an error in completing your call. Please confirm that you have entered the right country code and telephone number. If the error persists, contact the help desk. WebEx audio integration is a feature that has to be enabled on your account. Please contact your BT Account Manager. This will highlight that if you choose to end the meeting, both the audio and the web elements of the meeting will end for all participants.

If you want the meeting to continue after you've left, you must first give host rights to another participant. Please note that if you choose to continue the meeting, it will be using your audio and web conferencing account details, not the person who's been given host privileges. In addition, you cannot use your audio conferencing account for other meetings while this meeting is still in progress. Yes, you will need a headset compatible with the Dolby system; we recommend a wired USB stereo headset for best audio quality.

Your IT manager can confirm how you can obtain a headset BT does not provide the headset. As long as you are using one of the recommended headsets, this should not be the cause of poor quality. See how to schedule a meeting for how to invite others to join a future meeting. WebEx Productivity Tools make it very easy for users to start, schedule, invite, and join WebEx meetings from their desktop or from commonly used desktop applications.

Productivity Tools are either automatically installed on your computer or you can follow the instructions here. Back to top. If a new version of the software is available and you have administrator rights to your device or system, you will be prompted to download the updated BT MeetMe services with Cisco WebEx client on entry to the service.

WebEx support - BT Conferencing

Yes, a user guide is available here. You may keep getting disconnected from the conference if you are on a wireless connection or connecting over your corporate network VPN.

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Try to disconnect and close the meeting and rejoin. Make sure that if you are the chairperson you allow others to remain in the meeting when you leave, so you can log off without affecting anything. Go to www.

After successful registration you should receive an email with further details on how to join the online meeting, including an event password, which should be used at the time of the meeting. The host will approve your registration and you will receive a confirmation email message from webex. On your PC you will need to 'share your desktop' or application by clicking on the big button on the screen or alternatively from the "Share" menu at the top.

Once you have done so, everybody attending the WebEx meeting will see your shared application e.